Mars City Design Challenges 2019


The Theme of this year is:

Mars City Design Challenges 2019 invites you to participate in designing all relevant ideas, projects or business opportunities focusing on what we can imagine as Martian sport game. 

This category will question the human's next level of physical wellness, extra-ability and performances, which invites sub-categories as listed below:

  • Architecture design of Mars Olympics Stadium

  • Robotics 

  • Exoskeleton design

  • AI

  • Organ 3D Printing 

  • Human physiology 

  • Supplements for space travelers 

  • VR/AR

  • Cyborg

  • Other Category 

All designs must respond to the real physical and mental challenges of Martian environment. To learn more about them, check out NASA's "All About Mars"  and Space Architect's Website for FAQ about Mars FACTS. 

3 selected Winners of this 2019 Challenges PRIZE:

  • Exhibition at NASA Johnson in Houston,TX 

  • Exhibition at The Design Museum, London

  • Access to PowerLab Workshop, Learning Marschitecture, value of $3,000+ per team

  • Exposure to their brand product associated with Mars City Design®.

  • Mars City Design® professional networks.

  • Become part of Mars City Design® Marschitect team to build selected design prototypes.

  • VIP Access to Mars City Design® Gala 2019.

  • Create legacy for designing a future human history. 

NOTE: Other details will be provided
exclusively for those who are officially registered. 


General Timeline Attempt: (please expect minor / updated details changes).

January 31st, 2019 at 11:59 PM PST: Conceptual Stage Phase 1 Submission Deadline.

March 10th, 2019 Semi-Final Selection Announcement.

March 10th, 2019 - April 30th, 2019 Phase 2, Semi- Finalists' Development of the concept submitted.

April 30th, 2019 Phase 2 Development Submission Deadline.

May 2019 EXHIBITION AT NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston.

PowerLab Workshop in Houston, in collaboration with the University of Houston.

Final Selection Announcement at Mars City Design Gala.

October 2019 Selected Top 3 Winners can join the Mars City Design® Exhibition at the London Design Museum. 

Judging Committee​

Barbara Zelon

NASA Johnson Space Center 

Creative Communications Strategies and Solutions

Orion Spacecraft Strategic Communications Manager 

Donald C Barker

International Space Station Propulsion

and GN&C Systems Engineer at S&K Technologies, Inc.​

Gregory Chamitoff

Astronaut Spacewalker, Flight Engineer & Science Officer - ISS Expedition 17/18, Mission Specialist - STS 124/134

NASA Johnson Space Center

Professor in Aerospace and Engineering, Texas A&M University



Silicon Beach, California

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