Mars City Design® as a Gateway

Mars City Design® Challenges finalists and winning teams have been gaining invaluable experiences by participating in our competition, workshops, mentorship programs and activities. Through our support platform and network, the teams are able to begin their new paths to their extra ordinary journey in finding sustainable solutions for humanity wellbeing, using Mars as a test ground for Earth.

Below are the updates and highlights:

MCD Challenges 2016 Finalist:  


ALPHA as Top 10 at the NASA 3D Printing Centennial Challenges Phase 3

Mars City Design® had submitted "Barchania Alpha", an Architecture Category finalist of Mars City Design® Challenges 2016, designed by Kwanpo Cheng at Carnegie Mellon University, Christina Ciardullo's Mars studio project,to participate in the NASA 3D Printing Centennial Challenges Phase 3.


With our partners, RedWorks 3D Construction, Walter P Moore Engineering, Fields Collective, Eindhoven University of Technology, Thornton Tomasetti, the project "ALPHA" is selected to the TOP 10.  We are still competing to the final. 

Alpha™ will also build a prototype for Mars City Design® center in the Mojave desert. The same model will be exhibited at the Design Museum in London.


We are calling sponsors and donors to be part of this historical event of creating "the first Martian mix 3D Printed home."

Alpha™ Fundraising Event will be held in Los Angeles in September 15th, 2018. VIP invitation only. Please email for further information. 

8ENSE Mood Adjuster: Patent Pending - CALL FOR SEED FUNDING

Mars City Design® Challenges had selected a winning design in the Health Category 2016: “Mood Adjuster”, by inventor Adrian Pelkus, originally created to support the success of the astronauts in mission to go to Mars.


The “Mood Adjuster” design has evolved into the “8ense®”, Patent Pending.

8ense® Seed Funding begins in August 2018. Please email for further information. 

Mars Clock Exhibition at The DESIGN MUSEUM in London Oct 2019

Mars City Design® Challenges had selected a winning design in the Unique Category 2016: “Mars Clock”, a timekeeper for Mars. As each day we have an extra 39min, Mars Clock, exists in three models: as a software, a hardware, an app. Mars Clock will be able to indicate the time and offer alarm for those who train their biorhythm performance to adapt to the Martian time zone.


A giant Mars Clock will be exhibited in the London Design Museum, October 23rd, 2019 - February 2020. Dean Little who is an expert in Mobile App design discovered his inventor gift  and passion during the Mars City Powerlab in Los Angeles, created by Mars City Design®, dedicated for the Finalists of Mars City Design® Challenges. Dean Little had changed his career since, and becomes a contributing engineer for sustainable rocket company, Ripple®. More information about Dean Little and his achievement, please email


Around Mars in 80 Sol won more PRIZE

Around Mars in 80 Sol (Martian Days) is a winning project of Mars City Design® Challenges 2017 in the Transportation Category by Ecole Polytechnique X, a team led by Zoé Ghiron. This winning project had led the team to win other recognitions and benefits, including a total scholarship prize of $60,000. Some of the team are selected to the best US Universities, Stanford, CalTech and Georgia Tech through support of Mars City Design® recognition.


The Mars Colony X PROTOTYPE in Iceland

August 18,2018

The Mars Colony X design team is visiting Iceland to discuss development of a Mars Activity Research Simulator (MARS). The team was created for the Mars City Design® Competition that culminates in September 2018.  Their entry is a finalist and strong contender for the top award.

More than just competing to design a colony for future use on Mars, the team has a robust focus on immediate benefit to people on earth. The first prototype Extreme Greenhouse Habitat (EGH) will break ground this year in Los Angeles and provide jobs and horticultural training for adults with disabilities, as well as fresh food for local residents. The design team is scouting for partners and locations in Iceland now. Mars Colony X is designed for extraterrestrial construction in 2043. Prior to it’s construction, many years of data collection, research, training and psychosocial evaluation will first be needed from the prototypes.

In Iceland, MARS is intended for long-term scientific evaluation. It will also provide experiential vacation accommodations for tourists, students and space enthusiasts. At all levels of participation, data will be gathered for use by the project. The aquaponic, aeroponic and fogponic growing systems will feed visitors as well as local communities. MARS will include an atmospheric observatory, which will focus notably on atmospheric rivers for glacier impact studies. The zero-waste sustainable systems will be refined and perfected over the years to ensure human needs and safety for Mars colonists.

Team members here this week are JB Wagoner (Executive Director), Dr. Alexander Gershunov (Extreme Climatologist), and Brittany Moffett (Façade Engineer). The team members who stayed behind include over 20 architects, scientists, engineers and designers. The first public presentation occurred this week in Rekjanesbær with further discussions in Reykjavik.

Press and interested parties, please see and the Facebook page “Mars Colony X”.


Inquired are welcomed at or through a Facebook messenger.

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