Mars City
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Mars City Research Center

Why A Research Center?


Mars City Design selects the most innovative ideas from its annual International Competition to make the 'Mars settlement' a reality.

These selected innovations are revolutionary and offer positive changes if applied to our daily lifestyle. Therefore, we aim to further develop the prototypes and test their impact in a tangible way. 


Why the Mojave Desert?


For us:

The conditions of the desert environment emulate Mars in many aspects. 

The land is affordable.

Many of the local natural resources are still unknown to the general public. 

It is a discretely beautiful and remote place for visionaries and thinkers to live and to create. 

It is a perfect escape for public.

For our friends:

For those working for local aerospace companies, there is not enough infrastructure to support living comfortably there, and  their daily commute can be challenging. 

This has inspired the building of some of the designs at full scale, so they can have a closer home and benefit from living in a smart Martian environment. This lifestyle can also inspire their work, and maybe even build better rockets!

For the locals:

Our projects will create new inspiring jobs, providing sustainable infrastructure, more educational facilities, and increase local activities in education, service, environment, art and space exploration.

For example, an Aerospace Kindergarten, STEM Workshops, an Astronaut training center, Mars City Research Lab, Summer camps for artists and science students.


These projects will preserve and develop the local's natural environment, historical landscape and access to the night celestial view.

For example, a 3D printed, self-sustaining park that can filter and re-use water abundantly or some beehives made of local regolith that can offer local honey farming, that become a new home for the local rare birds and medicinal desert flowers.

It will increase awareness of the beauty of the local's own hometown.

For our Contestants:

With our partners and potential investors, we will celebrate the winning design concepts of Mars City Research Center by realizing it. 


Selected teams from prestigious universities, as well as professional architects and engineers, Mars experts from NASA and private aerospace industries are uniting to develop the designs of the three prototypes of our "ideal town". 


For our Investors:

In addition to applying for NASA grants, the SBIR program and collaborating with California City Planning, we are expanding our partnership to private investors in order to realize this vision. This project will open exponential numbers of new businesses and expand your network to the space industry and access to creative and scientific thought leaders.

Most importantly, investing in this project contributes to the greater good of human kind and the environment.  

Please join us in this journey, for Mars and for your new hometown!


In Partnership with Séries & Séries Architects

To unveil the local treasures and cultivate the rare flora and fauna.
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A self-sustaining environment

Using the winning designs from these categories: 

  • Agriculture
    (ex. growing food from local gardens or Martian indoor farms).

  • Energy & Power
    (ex. solar energy development, converting air into water, recycling used energy).

A comfort zone for locals

3D printing the Mars City Design™  winning projects & programs:

  • Providing more resident's services, hotels.

  • More educational platforms, focusing on STEM.

  • Highlighting, preserving local natural resources: Space park in the desert.

  • New jobs and a new economy.

A Smart Town

  • Building a Mars City Research Center. 

  • Providing new sustainable neighborhoods for local aerospace employees and their families.

  • Increasing the local land value.

  • Offering an 'out-of-this-world' tourist and scientific attraction.

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