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Mars City® Research Center

Mars City Design Team has been developing some concepts that can support the advancement of the human exploration on the red planet. One of the concepts' prototypes that will be tested in this location involves a smart urban infrastructure, resulting from a collection of human centered design habitats that are self-sustaining.  The designs also prioritize to reveal the narrative of the original flora and fauna from both planets, Earth and Mars.

This Space hub will be the home for creative and scientific thought leaders within the space exploration activities. Mars City® will support space startups and welcome space organizations with clean energy based products and services who will play a crucial role as the first settlers on Mars. 


Mars City® and its inhabitants is building the path to Mars while improving lives on Earth. 

Join us in creating this legacy!

We are currently accepting applicants to lease our future LAB and housing facilities! Please email us for more information. 

To unveil the local treasures and cultivate the rare flora and fauna.
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Prototypes Program

  • Clean Energy Infrastructure

  • Alternative Power Supply

  • Extreme Environment Agriculture

  • Space Tourism, Art and Entertainment

  • Advanced Material Research

  • Robotics Technology Research

Aerospace Hub

3D printing the Mars City Design projects & programs:

  • Providing more resident's services, hotels.

  • More educational platforms, focusing on STEAM.

  • Highlighting, preserving local natural resources.

  • New jobs and a new economy.

Smart City Goals

  • Testing the Innovations for extreme environment

  • Support the  US Space Program

  • Support Space startups

  • Providing new sustainable neighborhoods for local aerospace employees and their families.

  • Inspire the next generation to reach Mars

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Silicon Beach, California

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