A Mars City Design® participation to the NASA 3D Printed Habitat Competition Phase 3. 

Video produced by Mars City Design®.

Barchania Alpha was a finalist of Mars City Design Challenges 2016.

The original intention on using the Barchan Dunes as a radiation protection solution for Mars habitat model came from Kwanpo Cheng's project for the Carnegie Mellon University Architecture Studio, lead by Christina Ciardullo.

Principal Team of ALPHA 3.0


Vera Mulyani

Alpha 3.0 Team Leader, Executive Director of the architectural concept and design, prioritizing human wellness at an extreme environment, sustainability and natural landscape. Mulyani is the Founder, CEO of Mars City Design®, the President of Mars City Foundation (501c3) and Co-Founder, Investor of 8ense,LLC.

Mike Dailey

Alpha 3.0 Project Director, Technical, 3D & 4D design Coordinator.

Michael Dailey, co-Founder of iGen Development, comes from a 10-year tenure at Lockheed Martin in the corporation’s Advanced Concepts Group, and with Raytheon as a Programmer Analyst. Having worked in the National Intelligence field, Mike has supported many emerging technologies and advanced projects as he interfaced with numerous entities including DARPA, universities, geospatial organizations, and relative agencies. Mike co-leads numerous high technology initiatives including the development of interactive real-time content on perceptive pixel along with a broad range of interactive/immersive platforms. His world-class expertise in systems integration has been augmented by a passion for education and transforming individuals at the University level as a professor at the Corcoran College of Art and Design and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in their digital disciplines.

George H. Drean

Alpha 3.0 Structural Engineer, Structural Design Lead, MEP Design.

George Drean is a structural engineer, specialized in terrestrial and extra-terrestrial engineering. George served the US military in Vietnam war as a Marine. George’s special ability in structural design had caught some attention in the military and he was then sent to build his 3D modeling skill in a Hollywood film school back in the 80’s. George retired decades ago, after injuries, he is now the President of IGen Construction, connecting the gap of visionary ideas to real constructions.

Stewart Davis

Alpha 3.0 3D Printing Prototype Manufacturer and Engineer.

Stewart is a pioneer in 3D Printing and manufacturing. He is the Director of Operations for CRP USA, LLC, an Additive Manufacturing company specializing in producing parts and end use components for the Aerospace industries and Motor sports. The CRP Group, and CRP USA have been instrumental in the success of many race winning F1, Moto GP, Rally Raid, ALMS (American Lemans Series), NASCAR, V8 Supercar, and World Rally Championship teams. We also produce CubeSat components and structures for space applications, and have parts currently in orbit produced in our Windform additive manufacturing materials.

Thomas Séries

Alpha 3.0 Visualization Architect.

Thomas is the co-founder of Labtop Rendering, a pioneer in architectural visualization, enabling architectural designs to communicate in an distinctive emotional level. Their clients include top architects as MVRDV, BIG, OMA, Rudy Ricciotti, Zaha Hadid... Labtop artistic work has been recognized across continents for more than 2 decades.

Cheryl Luo

Alpha 3.0 Structural Analysis

Cheryl Luo is a Structural Engineer in the Los Angeles Office for Walter P Moore. She recently graduated from University of Calirfornia, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a master degree in Civil Engineering. As an undergraduate, she researched on the self-healing fiber concrete and published a paper “Strength Monitoring of Engineered Cementitious Composites using Oiezoelextric based Smart Material in International Conference of Advanced Materials, Testing and Information Engineering. Her interests include seismic design and mitigation.

Romarie Gonzales

Alpha 3.0 Revit, BIM Model.

Rose is an urban designer in Puerto Rico, currently working as a creative director at RGB Design Studio. Previously worked as an Urban Planner Director in the City of Comeriò. Develop programs and planning solutions for the land use. Analyze data(GIS) and statistics, in order to inform strategic developments. Promote environmental education and awareness.Design, revitalize and protect physical facilities in Comerío. Manage Federal Grants. Manage the program of Citizen Participation Policy Program as a model of Urban Planning management.

Lara Hoad

Alpha 3.0 Land art and Conceptual Research.

Lara Hoad is a graduate of London’s Royal College of Art and has broad, global experience as an architect, designer and educator. A modernist and future thinker whose projects are typically concerned with aspects of sustainability, social change, branding and contemporary culture, Lara oversees Design Direction at Los Angeles architecture firm March Studio, as well as having her own practice and holding teaching positions at Woodbury University’s School of Architecture and OTIS College of Art and Design, Los Angeles.





Additional list of Alpha Collaborators / Non-Team Member Credit:

Alpha 3.0

Dan Berman - Mars Dune 3D data. Planetary Science Institute, University of Arizona, Hi-RISE
Serina Diniega - Mars Dune formation Advisor and Coordinator
Adrian Newcomb - Labtop Rendering Coordinator

John Jil - Labtop Rendering Artist
Kerenza Harris - Conceptual Visual Representation and Video Advisor

Reza Eslami - Nomadicizer 3D Printer model and 4D Animation

Samer El Sayary - Experimental 3D Model, Landscaping
Paul Petros - RedWorks 3D Printing Engineer
Keegan Kirkpatrick - RedWorks 3D Printing Consultant

Glenn Kukkee - ESSA Sand Sintering Technology Consultant

Jeremy Whyte - ESSA Sand Sintering Technology Consultant

Rob Smith - Video Voice Over
Jan Fröjdman - Flyby on Mars clips
University of Arizona - HiRISE photos

Alpha 2.0

Mathieu Lapôtre - Barchan Dune Researcher & Advisor, University of Harvard

Thomas Heinsheimer - Advisor on Kevlar material

Greg Otto - Walter P Moore Structural Engineer Advisor

Paola Vezzulli - Design Coordinator
Ivan Djikanovic - 3D model artist

Aleksandar Bursac - 3D model architect

Ilaria Campi - Interior Design

Alpha 1.0

Kwanpo Cheng - Author, Architect

Christina Ciardullo - Advisor, Co-Author, Carnegie Mellon University.

Keegan Kirkpatrick - RedWorks 3D Printing Consultant

Paola Vezzulli - Engineering Team Coordinator

Greg Otto - Walter P Moore Structural Engineer Consultant

Steve Lewis - Walter P Moore Structural Consultant

Cheryl Luo - Walter P Moore Structural Analysis

Paul Petros - RedWorks 3D Printing Engineer

Jasmine Park - Visual Rendering


Alpha 3DP Model
Alpha Facade View
Alpha Smart Surface Perspective
Alpha Side View
Alpha Modular Test
Alpha Perspective Rendering

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