Our Story

A futuristic past.

Why Mars?

That is no longer the question we ask.

When Mars...

With that, our journey begins.


Mars City Design was born from the vision of Vera Mulyani, who always dreamt of becoming an architect of Mars. Founded in Silicon Beach, California, Mars City Design has become the action step to making Mars the second home for humans.

Our Vision

The vision for a better tomorrow.

Mars City Design’s vision is to create the blueprints for sustainable cities on Mars. Making Mars a second home is urgent, as practicing to thrive in the extreme environment like Mars will awaken the human awareness to live responsibly on Earth, a key to "becoming a multi-planetary species."


Our Mission

The mission for a responsible living on Earth.

Mars City Design selects, develops and builds Mars-architecture (Marschitecture) simulations on Earth, to provide a self-sustaining living practice, in response to climate change and extreme environment. 

Our Commitment

The gate to living on Mars.

Mars City Design is building the path for humans to thrive, not just to survive when living on Mars. Designing responsibly for Mars is practicing a mindful living for Earth.


Come aboard!

Survivability is no longer enough. If the human destiny is to become "a multi-planetary species" and the technology is making it possible, it becomes urgent to responsibly design the destinations that are out of this world, sustainable and contributive to the present Earth.

Vera Mulyani

CEO, Founder, Lead Marschitect

Mars City Design is the thought leadership, toward the human aspects of sustainable living on Mars, where it is not survivability, but its actual human cultural living.

Slade Gardner

Aerospace & Space Advanced Manufacturing Expert.

Mars City Design – cultivates innovative designs with aerospace engineering to develop technological solutions that will power the first city on Mars.

Dean Little

Winner of Mars City Design Challenge 2016, Creator of Mars Clock.

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Silicon Beach, California

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